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What are HPLC Fittings?

Our high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) fittings, assemblies, and unions are essential components designed to optimise the performance and reliability of your chromatographic system. These HPLC fittings & assemblies ensure secure, leak-free connections between tubing, columns, and detectors, maintaining the integrity of your HPLC processes, simplifying system setup and maintenance while ensuring consistent and reliable performance. HPLC unions provide flexible and customisable connections within your system, available in straight, T-shaped, or cross-shaped designs for joining tubing and creating fluid pathways.

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Why are polymer materials used in HPLC fittings?

Polymer materials such as PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and POM (polyoxymethylene) are ideal for HPLC fittings due to their exceptional chemical resistance, mechanical strength, and thermal stability. PEEK's high resistance to chemicals, thermal stability, low extractables, and biocompatibility make it perfect for high-pressure and high-purity applications. POM, known for its good mechanical properties, dimensional stability, ease of machining, and cost-effectiveness, ensures reliable and leak-free connections. Both materials maintain the integrity of HPLC systems by preventing degradation and contamination, thus ensuring accurate and reliable analytical results.

Industry applications for HPLC Fittings

HPLC fittings, assemblies, unions, and tubing are crucial components in various applications, including pharmaceutical analysis, biotechnology, environmental testing, food and beverage testing, clinical and medical research, chemical industry quality control, academic research, forensic science, cosmetics testing, and petrochemical analysis. These components ensure secure, leak-free connections, reliable system performance, and accurate chromatographic separations, making them essential for maintaining the integrity and precision of HPLC systems across diverse scientific and industrial fields.

Why Are HPLC Fittings Needed?

HPLC fittings are essential for ensuring secure, leak-free connections within chromatographic systems, maintaining system integrity, and preventing sample loss. Made from chemically resistant materials like PEEK and POM, they can withstand high pressures and avoid contamination. These fittings facilitate easy assembly and maintenance, offer flexibility with various sizes and designs, and ensure precise and accurate chromatographic results, making them crucial for reliable and efficient HPLC operation.